We have a new blog, so let’s start with an introduction.  Hi, I’m Onki.

To my niece, that’s toddler-speak for “Uncle”. Living halfway around the world, with only few chances per year to engage face-to-face, I was inspired to find a meaningful way for us to stay connected. And so Onki Books was born.

We take your photos and magically turn them into a personalized childrens book, giving you a unique personal treasure that keeps people connected through memorialized images.

Our flagship title, “Uh Oh! Where did all the colors go?”, puts you and your loved ones’ photos on center stage as the stars of an adventure to find where the colors have gone, in a world that has mysteriously turned black and white! And it isn’t just kids that love this book, we often find the whole family having a hoot at seeing their photos illustrated in a real, high quality book.

We make all of our customized books by hand, working through each photo individually, before printing in the United States in a durable board book that’s safe for kids of all ages (after all, who doesn’t know a toddler that loves to chew on books!?).