Well, it’s been an interesting journey since we launched Onki Books.  We’ve taken a “lean” approach to designing our flagship title and have iterated many times on how best to introduce our personalized book to visitors to our site.  There have been a couple of findings that have been pretty interesting to us, that we thought would be fun to share:

  • Whilst we wrote “Uh Oh! Where did all the colors go?” as a personalized childrens book, the testimonials, photos, and videos we’ve received from our readers has shown us that it’s in fact the adults that get the biggest kick out of seeing themselves illustarted in a book
  • Dogs! That’s the right, dogs.  We didn’t plan for them when designing our book, but it turns out that people love their dogs enough to give them a place in their personalized story.  Your wish is our command, and we now do our best to include pets.
  • Sensitive subjects: given that part of our team is based in Europe, we made some choices in wording and imagery that were (in hindsight) ignorant of certain cultural sensibilities for our (primarily US-based) customers.  That’s why we love hearing from our readers, so that we can make sure we always improve our offering!

We’re looking forward to what the future continues to teach us, and want to say a big thanks to the early customers that have given us the chance to give them their own, personalized story book, hand-edited by humans here at Onki.